14-year-old Everett boy hospitalized after drive-by shooting in Canada

EVERETT (CBS) – Life for 14-year-old Sandrick Jorcelin is filled with basketball, friends, and fun. The people who love him are desperately praying that’s how his life will stay.

“Within seconds their life has changed,” family friend Carducci Chery told WBZ-TV. “All of the sudden it was just bullets aiming toward them, as if they were in the middle of a war.”

The Everett eighth grader was in Montreal last weekend, finally seeing family since the pandemic. Leaving a birthday party, a drive-by shooter sprayed bullets at their car. Sandrick’s uncle was killed, the teen was shot in the stomach – that bullet still lodged.

“Around his spinal cord area, that (bullet) is still there,” Chery added.

Loved ones and strangers have donated close to $60,000 to an online fundraiser. Sandrick’s medical journey continues Thursday with an expensive MedFlight ride from Canada to Massachusetts General Hospital.

“We have great doctors in this city. We hope and pray that all the great hands that could be, by the grace of God, could heal Sandrick as soon as possible,” Chery said emotionally.

Loved ones say Sandrick is a kid who always says the right thing. So, they’re humbled to see community do the right thing – overwhelmed by that generosity in this terrifying time.

“Let’s help Sandrick. I want to see the boy walk again. I want to play basketball with him again.”