Everett teen shot on family vacation in Canada now back home to begin long road to recovery

An Everett teenager is on the road to recovery after he was shot on a family vacation in Canada.

Sandrick Jorcelin was airlifted over the border to Massachusetts General Hospital Thursday night with both parents by his side. They are hopeful the Boston doctors may be able to do something about the bullet that is now lodged near his spine.

Sandrick was visiting family outside Montreal over the weekend when his family says a birthday party turned into a tragic nightmare. The 8th grader was in the backseat of a car leaving that party when another car pulled up and opened fire.

Everyone in the car suffered gunshot wounds. Sandrick was shot in the stomach and his uncle died in the attack.

Doctors now fear that with a bullet lodged so close to Sandrick’s spine, the devoted basketball player may never walk again.

While still in the hospital in Quebec, he and the Canadian police officer who came to his aid reunited.

“You’re strong, man you’re so strong,” the officer said.

“Thank you for saving me,” the emotional teen replied.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help this family with all their medical expenses.