‘John Doe’ No More: Suspect Who Sheriff’s Office Thought Was Completely Non-Verbal Identified

(CBS4) – A suspect in a trespassing case who officials with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office thought was completely non-verbal turned out not to be so, and now he has been identified. His name is Collin Sportell, he’s from Michigan and he is 22.

Collin Sportell (credit: Jefferson County)

“This was not a special needs situation, but rather someone who chose silence as a way to circumvent compliance with the booking process,” wrote the sheriff’s office in a tweet on Friday morning.

Sportell was arrested in Golden on Tuesday after allegedly entering a residence illegally. He had no identification on him, didn’t have a match to any fingerprints in the law enforcement database and matched no descriptions in missing persons reports. The sheriff’s office held him in custody on charges of criminal trespass and obstructing an officer.

He became known to the office and courts only as “John Doe” and officials shared his mugshot in hopes that someone would identify him. That ended up happening quickly.

The sheriff’s office thanked the public for helping them out and say Sportell will now be released on a summons for second degree trespass.