Singer Anna Azerli is getting ready for an amazing 2023

Finishing off 2022 couldn’t have been better for Anna Azerli. The Pop/Opera singer impressed audiences with not one but two TV appearances in December, showing off her amazing voice twice.

First of she appeared on the gigantic red carpet covering Hollywood Boulevard for the Hollywood Christmas Parade. Her interpretation of Silent Night left audiences at the Parade and at home awe-struck.

It was one of the most iconic performances at the Parade with a 90-year-old tradition. This year it was hosted by Laura McKenzie, Erik Estrada, Dean Cain, and Montel Williams.

She felt right in her element since she has been performing in front of large audiences since she finished her classical education at the Scala in Milan, Italy, at 19.

Just shortly after, she was one of the highlights at the Family Film Awards produced in Los Angeles. She performed ‘Time To Say Goodbye’… dressed in a stunning dress by famous fashion designer Jacob Meir …

It is clear that the coming year of 2023 will be even more interesting than the last one. Her new pop song, Glow, is getting ready to be released at the beginning of the year. A very modern interpretation of the classic ballade style of the 90s, a mix of musical flavors that is very much en vogue at the beginning of the 2020s.

Composed by Swedish composer Aleena Gibson it will guarantee goosebumps and will be the perfect vehicle for Anna’s voice.

Gibson was also responsible for Azerli’s latest hit, “In The Name Of Love,” which has ranked high on many Spotify playlists.

Anna Azeri is far on her way now with her new career of becoming a pop singer. For many years he has performed in the best opera houses in Europe, known for her stunning Maria Callas-like voice, generating stunning reviews in the press.

She has been singing since she can remember, and audiences worldwide can’t get enough of her. Her magnetic personality has also created a massive audience on her Instagram account, with 2.6 Million followers.

All in all, we can say that 2023 will be the year of Anna Azerli.

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